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A Walk on Home Ground

Virtuous, short and revealing, this circular walk within the boundaries of The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel, lasts 45 to 75 minutes, depending on pace.  The walk can be foreshortened at several places as it passes the hotel twice - or turned into a private jogging track for the energetic. Best done before 5pm, and avoiding the midday sun.

The Flame Tree Estate Hotel Jungle Path.jpg

A Jungle & Village Walk

A circular walk through part of the estate and then off into jungle and overgrown plantations before joining up with a series of little villages and a small road that returns you to the Main Gates of The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel. The walk takes between 90-140 minutes depending on pace. 

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Gardens & A Cup of Tea

The Hantana Tea Estate, surrounded by acres of tea bushes, and housing The Ceylon Tea Meseum is an ideal place to witness the crop that made the island famous. The tour returns you back to the hotel via Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens laid out by Alexander Moon in 1821 - one of the finest gardens in Asia.


Kandy Highlights

Packing in the best of Kandy, this trip includes a visit to the sacred Temple of the Tooth, the adjoining Royal Palace, Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens, and several of city’s the main shops - including Waruna’s, one of the country’s best antique shops.

The Temple of the Tooth.jpg

Sacred Caves, A Regicidal Palace Fortress & A Mystery

A day trip to the world heritage sites of Dambulla and Sigiriya.  A short and rarely taken detour will also take you to the Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Tombs, whose tombs reveal a unsolved mystery.


Sri Lanka is a twitcher’s paradise and a half or full day birdwatching with a local ornithologist can be crafted to suit you at Kandy’s Udawttakele forest reserve and / or out in the wider jungle and countryside.

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Elephant Orphanage

All things elly

riverside elephant park_edited.jpg

Elephant Safari

Eighty eight square kilometres of wild elephants at Minneriya National Park

The Kingdom of the Sleeping Buddha

Polonnaruwa, the majestic capital of the island’s last independent unitary Kingdom is a swansong written in stone that for 142 years would act as a final rallying cry for the island-kingdom before it descended into a series of wandering capitals, fragmentary realms – and colonization.  Its monumental structures, carved and crafted with an almost unrivalled delicacy is the last great achievement of the old Anuradhapuran Kingdom.

Lankatilake Temple_edited_edited.jpg

Sacred Steps

The tour includes a visit to the island’s most celebrated and scared temple, The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy – but also takes you off on a monastic medieval pilgrimage to three of Sri Lanka’s little visited but most iconic and beautiful ancient temples: Lankatilaka Vihara, Gadaladenyia Vihara and Embekka Devalaya – all dating back to the fourteenth century, combining extraordinary architecture with an abiding atmosphere of Buddhist calm.

Galagedera 1.jpg


Stroll, shop and take in the daily life of high street in a typical small highland town.

Galagedera 2.jpg

The Big Smoke - Colombo

A day’s outing to Colombo, taking in the best in food, shopping, art and history that the city has to offer.

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Take Two Cities

& a Living Pharmacy

A tour that takes in the Ordinary Beautiful, a City of Ghosts and a living medicinal garden.

Ancient Kingdome of Yapahuwa.jpg

Little England

With its racecourse, cool temperate climate, ocean of tea plantations, market gardens, trout streams, botanical gardens and faux Tudor buildings, Nuwara Eliya, bastion of Little England, is the perfect place to catch up on P.G. Woodhouse, fuelled by endless cups of orange pekoe tea.

Nuwara Eliya Tea.jpg

The Bible of Sri Lankan Buddhism

Aluvihare Rock Temple- where the spoken word was first written down


If the Garden of Eden had boasted a golf course, it would perhaps have been here near Kandy – one of the world most idyllic courses anywhere today.

Kandy Brasswear Village.jpg

Shop Till You Drop

Hand-made crafts to antiques, clothes to handloom,  lifestyle, consumables, souvenirs – and tiaras: a day’s shopping in and around Kandy.

Three Weddings and 203 Funerals

An outing in Kandy focused on all things Christian


Trekking in The Knuckles

A day’s trekking in one of the country’s finest nature reserves.

The Flame Tree Estate Hotel Goats.jpg

Milk Trees,

Pick Your Own Spices & Feed The Harem

Take a look behind the scenes at The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel

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