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A Walk On Home Ground 
Virtuous, short and revealing, this circular walk within the boundaries of The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel, lasts 45 to 75 minutes, depending on pace.  The walk can be foreshortened at several places as it passes the hotel twice - or turned into a private jogging track for the energetic. Best done before 5pm, and avoiding the midday sun.


Starting at the hotel’s Arrivals porch beside the Reception Office, you follow the estate road of flame trees down towards the Main Gate, keeping the Pepper Plantation to your left and the Rubber Plantation to your right.  


Grab a few green pepper pods to chew as you trek. 

Just before the Main Gate you take a turning to your right onto an earthen path that takes your up through a series of long bends through the Frangipani Valley, with lovely views from the top.  Recover your breath, and press on.


The path moves on past the Water Tanks and takes you through and above the Rubber Plantation. looking down onto the hotel and pool, before passing through a grove of jak trees and down a series of bends towards the Monsoon Ella or gully that forms one of the far boundaries of the estate. This is home to one of the estate’s four separate families of (often competing) monkeys.  Here the jungle starts.

At the bottom of this hill the path connects back up with the estate’s Jungle path, where a sharp turning to the right will take you back along a path that stretches out below The Pineapple House.

At this point the path circles around the Spice Garden on your right, passes the Spice Kitchen and cuts through the Kitchen Garden and Pepper Plantation before returning you to the hotel’s Arrivals porch beside the Reception Office.

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