Fresh Fruit Juice


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Fresh Fruit Plate


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Eggs & Hoppers


Eggs, Fried, Boiled, Scrambled, Poached, Chilli Scrambled, Sri Lankan, Plain or Cheese Omelette,

served with Bacon, Herb Grilled Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Hash Browns, Baked Beans




Egg Hoppers, served with Coconut Sambal and Onion Sambal, Dhal Curry & Potato Curry


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Toast & Homemade Marmalade


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Teas or Coffee


Green, Camomile, Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe

Sabaragamuwa Tea, found at 2500 ft producing a tea with a hint of sweet caramel

Kandy Tea, found at 2-4,000ft, influenced by the SW monsoon for a strong tea with coppery tones

Uda Pussellawa Tea, found at 3-5000ft in misty conditions for a strong, darkish, with pink tones

Dimbula Tea, found at 4-6000 ft to make a tea that is fresh and golden orange

Uva Tea, found at 4000 ft in dry conditions with considerable exposure to monsoon winds

Nuwara Eliya Tea, found at 6000ft whose frosts make for a distinctive pale, delicate tea

LKR 2,150 / person

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