Eight, the angel number, the number for infinity, is the point of inspiration for our tasting menu:  8 courses that turn local fresh ingredients from sea and land into a tour of fine fusion and classic street food, with healthy Edwardian twists.
Comfort Bhajis
classic onion Bhajis with a dip of lemongrass yoghurt

A Root Salad
with Beetroot, Oranges, Feta, Sesame & estate-grown Basil

Young Jackfruit Curry
with rice, poppadoms & raita

Sorbet of lemon & ginger

Grilled Teriyaki Tuna and Mushroom Skewers 
served with a papaya salad

Banana Crumble

Salted Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Coconut Goodie
Ceylon Milk Rice Ravioli
a milk rice ravioli with bell pepper, spinach & chilli in a lemongrass sauce

Sun Soup
of carrot, turmeric, & ginger with cumin roasted chickpeas

Fragrant Eggplants
braised eggplant with garlic, ginger, & chilies

Sorbet of lemon & cardamon

Pan Seared Sailfish Fillet 
with garlic, chilli & lemongrass sauce, served with aglio olio pasta.

Caramel Pineapple
with peppercorns & banana & passion fruit sorbet

Beetroot Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Sweet Coconut Goodie
Vegetable Kottu Roti

Creamed Pumpkin & Coconut Soup
garnished with oranges & estate-grown basil.

Grilled Cauliflower
with herb pesto, cannellini beans, chilli flakes & shallots

Sorbet of lemon & cardamon

Grilled Tuna Skewers 
with orange and ginger on couscous

Sri Lankan’s famous creamy dessert of coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, - flavoured with Ceylon Tea

Cashew Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Coconut Goodie
Garden Samosas
vegetable & coriander samosas, served with a rich Raita of estate-grown mint and green chilis

Sun Salad
of papaya, mango, carrot & wild cucumber gourd, with a honey & basil vinaigrette

Sri Lankan Vegetable Coconut Curry
with ginger and cinnamon, rice, poppadums & raita

Sorbet of lemon & ginger

Garlic Soy Sailfish Steak
served with grilled red cabbage & Mango Slaw.

A Mango & Cardamom Syllabub 

Turmeric Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Coconut Goodie
Ulunthu Vadai
served with a coconut sambal

Mango Gazpacho 

Lapsang Stroganoff
lapsang scented mushroom stroganoff with white rice

Sorbet of lemon & cardamon

6-Minute Seared Tuna Steak 
with a soy sauce and toasted sesame honey marinade, served on a bed of green beans.

A Desert Rice of Fried Bananas & Coconuts

Ginger Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Coconut Goodie

Blue Cheese Polenta Fries
with curry ketchup & garlic aioli

Ceylon Caesar Salad 
with Kankun Water Spinach, Gotukola Pennywort, estate-grown Basil and Rocket

A Risotto
with ginger, mushroom, radish and miso sauce

Sorbet of lemon & ginger

Sri Lankan Tamarind Sailfish Curry
served with coconut roti and raita.

A Coconut Pineapple Pudding

Cardamom Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Coconut Goodie

Paneer Vegetable Kebabs

with pineapple-mango salsa

A Soup Herbal
with curry leaves, valpenela, pennywort gotukola and enriched with coconut cream & roasted garlic

Sri Lankan Cashew Nut Curry

served with rice, poppadums and raita.

Sorbet of lemon & cardamon

Seared Tuna
served with a roast tomato & spring onion risotto. 

Papaya & Cashew Pudding

Pumpkin Lassi Lick

Lemon Grass & Mint Tea with a Coconut Goodie