Safe & Secure 

With no land borders and a remarkable health sector, Sri Lanka has weathered the COVID crisis better than most countries; and the vaccination of the population is progressing apace.  It has received the WTTC’s Safe Travels Stamp; and its public health authorities have mandated wide ranging rules for hotels and all other sectors of the economy and public life to ensure the island remains one of the safest places in the world that you might choose to visit. 

At The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel, our normal high standards have been assessed to fully comply with the new requirements and best practices of the Sri Lankan government, local and global public health authorities.

The hotel is extremely spacious, protected by its remoteness and guarded by a highly secure perimeter fence.  Guest numbers kept deliberately low so there is never a danger of overcrowding.  Only resident, rather than day guests, are received.  Its few points of entry are fully equipped with sanitised doormats and no non-residents can enter without notice and a health check.  


On checking in you will be able to complete a short questionnaire regarding your health and travel history.  A contactless thermometer will take your temperature.  If this exceeds 37C a follow up assessment will occur after a quarter an hour of rest.  If your temperature remains above this level, you will be taken by a trained staff member to Kandy’s principal hospital for further assessment.

All room keys are fully disinfected before being issued; and the exterior of luggage sanitized.  Hand sanitizers and available for use on arrival and throughout the hotel, and social distancing guidelines in place.


Positioned as it is, at 1000 feet, the hotel enjoys systematic, natural air circulation.  The air conditioners in every bedroom are cleaned daily and are stand alone, servicing just your room.  


Bedrooms and associated private spaces are disinfected prior to check in and fully cleaned and sanitized during your stay by trained staff who will change gloves between rooms using cleaning equipment that is decontaminated between rooms.  


Tables are positioned 2-3 meters apart; menus framed and sanitised between use; tables fully disinfected, cutlery, crockery and glassware cleaned and stored appropriately and food cooked by our chefs and served by our butlers to fully comply with public health guidelines, including the wearing of gloves and masks.

The pool’s filters, chlorine and pH level are managed in accordance with strict public health requirements and all public areas sanitized every 2 hours.


All staff undergo random PCR tests and all locations linked to them and to the hotel assessed daily to ensure they remain COVID free.   Any vehicle provided by us is completely disinfected before the journey; and the driver will be wearing both mask and gloves.