Dinner at The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel

Sample Menus

from the week

A Creamed Pumpkin & Coconut Soup

garnished with oranges & estate-grown basil.


A Green Five-Spice Salad

avocado & spinach salad with a 5-spice Sri Lankan vinaigrette.


An Aromatic Chicken

cinnamon & orange marinated chicken breast, served with buttery Ghee Rice, sweet potato mash and okra sautéed with caramelized onions.


An Eggplant Indulgence

an envelope of rolled aubergine, with grilled tomatoes, chives & Feta Cheese, served with a pineapple & rosemary sauce, cumin-flavoured potatoes, and fried baby-banana ashplants.


A Lush-Sweet Tropic

a coconut milk Junket of manioc & Kittel palm treacle served with passionfruit sauce.

Sample Menus

from the week

Minty Garden Samosas

vegetable & coriander samosas served with a rich Raita of estate-grown mint and green chilis.


A Cinnamon Chicken Curry

flavoured with oranges.


A Five Spice Sailfish Curry

made from the meaty Thalapath fish, caught early today, marinated with classic Sri Lankan spices, and cooked in coconut milk.


accompanied by


A Fragrant Tempered Dhal


A Beetroot Curry

enriched with coconut milk.


A Creamy Kohila Root Curry

made from the root of the wild Kohila Ayurvedic herb.


A Tender Jackfruit Coconut Curry


Crunchy Poppadums


A Sambal

of tomatoes and gourds.


Estate-made Mango Chutney


Red Rice

flavoured with estate-grown mint & coriander.


A Jungle Panna Cotta

made with chocolate, sage & coconut cream, with a papaya puree.

Sample Menus

from the week

A Cream of Dahl Soup

a soup of dhal & spinach cooked with coconut cream.


The Good Gourd Salad

a salad of chichinda gourds & cucumber, with a salsa of spicy onions & basil.


Yummy Honey Chicken

chicken breast cooked with lemongrass and honey, and served with okra fritters, and a breadfruit mash.


The Vegetable Citadel

a tower of savoury papaya marinated with cinnamon and pandam leaves filled with fired aubergine & sautéed cucumber luffa, served on a bed of potato mash and glazed with a dressing of pineapple & mint.


A Tropical Tart

of coconut & passionfruit.

Sample Menus

from the week

The Crispy Pea

a fritter of chickpeas flavoured with curry leaves and whetted with a tahini chili sauce.


A Mango Chicken Curry

chicken in a mango Julian, seasoned with Sri Lankan spices and cooked in coconut milk.


Gal Malu Red Snapper Curry

southern Sri Lankan style red snapper, caught early this morning off the Negombo seaboard, marinated with Goroka, the Sri Lankan brindleberry, and served with a chili & tamarind paste.


accompanied by


A Cardamom Dhal Curry


An Ash Plant Curry

of baby bananas cooked with tomatoes


A Juicy Cashew Nut Curry

made fruity with Ambarella plums


The Long Bean Curry

estate-grown long beans cooked in coconut cream


A Sambal

flavoured with gotu kola, the Sri Lankan parsley


Estate-made Star Fruit Chutney


Crunchy Poppadums


Red Rice

flavoured with lemongrass and curry leaves


A Heavenly Banana Leaf Halva of Sweet-Spiced Jackfruit

cooked in rich ghee with saffron, cardamom & almonds.

Sample Menus

from the week

A Sweet Potato Soup

flavoured with roasted Garlic and cumin seeds.


Rat-a-Tat-Tat Drumstick Salad

of fried carrot drumsticks, beetroot, and cabbage, sweetened with raisins, with a dressing of sesame & lemongrass.


A Sailfish Cocooned in Banana Leaf

meaty Thalapath fish, caught early today and marinated in ginger, thyme & parsley, baked in a banana leaf, served on a bed of sweet potato, fried tapioca and creamy spinach, and glazed with a sauce of tomato, lemon & basil.


An Edible Stupa

a cabbage leaf dome encasing mango, cashew and crispy kohila root in a peanut butter lemon sauce.


The Pineapple Crown

pineapple shards flambeed with cardamom & cinnamon and served with passionfruit puree

Sample Menus

from the week

Comfort Bhajis

classic onion Bhajis with a dip of lemongrass yoghurt.


A Creamy Coriander Butter Chicken

marinated with freshly chopped tomatoes, coriander and spices and cooked in buffalo milk curd.


A Sailfish & Baby Banana Curry

meaty Thalapath fish, freshly caught today off the Negombo seaboard, cooked in coconut cream with quintessential Sri Lankan spices.


accompanied by


A Chichinda Gourd Curry


A Jack Fruit & Coconut Curry


Sri Lankan Brinjal Moju

a relish of aubergines


A Tender Cucumber Curry

estate-grown cucumber cooked in coconut cream with classic Sri Lankan spices


A Coconut Sambal


Estate-made Lime Pickle


Crunchy Poppadums


Red Rice

flavoured with fresh beetroot juice and garnished with curry leaves.


The Flame Tree Watalappan

Sri Lankan’s famous creamy dessert of coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, - and flavoured with Ceylon Tea.

Sample Menus

from the week

A Soup Herbal

made with curry leaves, valpenela, pennywort gotu kola and enriched with coconut cream & roasted garlic.


The Sun Salad

a salad of papaya, mango, carrot & wild cucumber gourd, served with a honey & basil vinaigrette.


Oven Baked Fish Spirals

fresh mullet or red snapper, marinated in lemongrass, ginger and pandon leaves, and served on a bed of cinnamon mashed potato, beans sautéed in basil, onions & okra with tamarind sauce.


A Rainforest Ratatouille

served with buttery ghee rice.


An Equatorial Pancake

of chocolate, ginger & coconut with white chocolate sauce.

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