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Elephant Safari
Eighty eight square kilometres of wild elephants at Minneriya National Park

Approx Distance: Round trip = 140 miles. 

Car costs (1-3 people) $130

Van costs (1-6 people) $190.

Additional Costs: Park Tickets. Also, as only specially designated jeeps are

permitted inside the park and there will be an additional cost for this.



Centred on a vast water tank built in the 3rd AD, this dry zone national park is to elephants what Singapore or Heathrow airport might be to humans: a massive gathering place for wild migrating elephants, especially in the dry season.  

With herds typically counted in the several hundred, the elephants share the space with over 20 other mammals, 160 bird species, over three dozen reptiles and amphibians and 75 species of butterflies. 

Amongst the wildlife spotted here are purple-faced langurs and toque macaques; sambar and axis deer; the rare Sri Lankan leopard and Sri Lankan sloth bear and the even rarer grey slender loris; painted stork, herons and spot-billed and great white pelicans; flocks of cormorants; Sri Lanka junglefowl and hanging parrots, babblers, hornbills, bulbuls, crimson-fronted barbets – plus lizards, crocodiles, pythons, and monitors.

On arriving you will need to hire a robust and accredited vehicle to take you into the park itself. It is wise, when planning a trip to call ahead and check that the migrating elephants have not migrated out of the park and into another one. 

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