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The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel

Lunch Menu
Healthy comfort-food to stave off hunger between breakfast & dinner.

Served From 11.30 am to 6 pm



Couscous, Roasted Tomato & Herb Salad with Bell Pepper & Fried Cheese

Served with Fresh Bread Rolls  



Sun Soup of Carrot & Ginger with Roasted Chickpeas

Served with Fresh Bread Rolls



Garden Glory Spaghetti

With Stringed Green Vegetables & Herbs



Paneer Vegetable Kababs

With Pineapple Mango Salsa & Rice



A Beefy Vegetarian Beetroot Burger

With Potato Wedges, Salad, and a Velvet Tomato Katsup



Grilled Chicken Skewers

With Orange and Ginger on Couscous



Seared Sailfish

With Potato Wedges & Velvet Tomato Katsup





Old Fashioned Tropical Banana Splits



Luscious Curd & Kittel Honey



Tropical Fruit Platter



Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream



Please advise us of any food allergies as some dishes may contain traces of ingredients such as diary, nuts etc to which some people may be allergic.


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