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The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel has especially chosen Green Leaf Herbals Nourishing Face Cream with Organic Coconut because it packs great power in small helpings.  Its two most important ingredients are Black Seed Oil and Organic Coconut Essence.  

The Black Seed Oil works to diminish fine lines, acne, unclogs pores, and fade dark spots.  Its healing capability is phenomenal, packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties - essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and flavonoids, which together to provide the skin with a wondrously moisturising, nourishing and anti-ageing effect.  It is highly nourishing, rich in plant acids which help to maintain the skin's lipid barrier, preventing the skin from drying out.  It is also rich in natural Thymoquinone, a potent antioxidant that helps fight off free radicals - which damage skin cells through oxidation. 

Organic Coconut Essence offers many visible benefits for the skin, but it all starts with its impact on the skin barrier - the outermost layer of skin made up of protein, lipids, and fats. When skin is perfectly healthy and balanced, the barrier, although delicate and fragile, keeps water in, while protecting the skin from external environmental aggressors, such as harmful bacteria. Thanks to its highly absorbent and moisturizing properties, Coconut Extract can help to improve the skin’s ability to hold water by strengthening the skin barrier over time. This reduced water loss results in younger-looking skin that feels soft and appears plump and luminous!


Green Leaf Herbals, a unique 30-year-old Sri Lankan company, believes that the Earth's energy flows through its plants to human skin, body, and mind. Its products, using organically grown herbs and sustainably sourced ingredients, are vegan and cruelty free.  They do not use animal ingredients or engage in animal testing.

Nourishing Face Cream with Organic Coconut

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