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Sri Lankan Bee Honey is innately Ayurvedic due to the unusually high density of medicinal plant pollen & nectar that make it up.   


The honey collected from Sabaragamuwa is noted for its golden colouring and smooth buttery sweetness.   The bees that create it live in the wet zone - full of lush tropical vegetation, including Rubber trees, Sri Lankan Olives, Kittul Palms & Yellow Kones.


The honey is the child of a remarkable enviromental project by Goodfolks, who source it from farmers paid above market rates to ensure the purest honey - 100% natural, raw, filtered & unpasteurised. Its is part of a Regenerative Agriculture Project, with quality verified at source. 


Ayurvedic Practitioners recommend starting the day with 1-2 teaspoons in lukewarm water for the best medicinal benefits.  Alternatively, drizzle it on hot toast, sit back and sigh.

Sabaragamuwa Ayurvedic Bee Honey

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