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Take a look behind the spice, timber, coffee, coconut and rubber plantations at The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel.

Our goats, once numbering just two are, like all goats, highly intelligent and much given to chatting and petting – especially if you come armed with the leaves of the abundant Glericidia tree, the goat equivalent of a double chocolate éclair.

Goats numbers soared until the main culprit, Billy, was banished, leaving behind him an all-girl harem of big-eyed beauties.

The Spice Kitchen, built as a traditional village house, is where the staff brew their tea and where the ancient rubber rolling machines are still in use, processing rubber collected from the estate’s rubber trees.

Beyond stretch the terraces of the Spice Garden, full of pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, pandam, turmeric, and cloves; and you are more than welcome to gather a harvest to take home.

Beside the spices lie the nacent beds of the Kitchen Garden where The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel kitchen’s grow many of their core herbs and vegetables; and where you will also find greenhouses of and nurseries dedicated to orchids, anthuriums and tropical plants including several thousand saplings soon to make into a forest on the estate.

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