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Hug a tree at Peradeniya’s Royal Botanical Gardens. There are thousands to choose from, though most of them are way too large to hug without help.

Glorious, sometimes drunken avenues of Cook's Pines, Palmyra Palms, Double Coconuts, Cabbage Palms, and Royal Palms lead off into shady dells dating back to the garden’s foundations in 1821.

It is one of the finest botanical gardens in Asia; the modern garden set up by Alexander Moon. Moon’s catalogue published soon afterwards listed one thousand one hundred and twenty seven “Ceylon plants”.

Today the gardens range over one hundred and fifty acres and are especially gorgeous for their many ancient trees.

There is even an arboretum of trees planted by famous people including a huge Ironwood (Tsar Nicolas II); a rather stunted Camphor Tree (Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike); a Yellow Trumpet Tree (King Akihito of Japan) and a Sorrowless Tree (Queen Elizabeth II).

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