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The Ceylon Press

Welcome to The Ceylon Press, a privately funded enterprise based at The Flame Tree Estate and focused [almost] largely on all things Sri Lankan.

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Parts Of The Whole

A small island surrounded by three oceans; Sri Lanka is a mystery to many  - remote, hard to place; a well-kept secret. Travellers see bits of it; locals see their part of the whole. Contrary and creative, it built a tropical Versailles whilst the West was still constructing in wattle and daub.  When the Cold War ended, its own war began.   Sri Lanka has never done things by the book.  It has absorbed, synthesised, and repurposed everything that has come its way, welcome or not, into a singular Sri Lankanness - like a dish you have never before tasted, but hope will never end.

And here, over time, you may see a little more of the whole – from its arts, wildlife, landmarks and religions to its food, history and many, many distractions.  Searchable databases of all things Sri Lankan, downloadable eBooks and pdfs, podcasts, recordings, introductions, histories, poetry, colouring books, virtual galleries, memories and confessions, miscellanies, and checklists – all will gather here over time to make more accessible what lies within these shores.

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