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A Jungle Walk

A Jungle Walk
A Jungle Walk

A circular walk through part of the estate and then off into the jungle and overgrown plantations before joining up with a series of little villages and a small road that returns you to the Main Gates of The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel.

The walk takes between 90-140 minutes depending on pace.

Set off from the Hotel’s Arrivals Porch beside Reception, skirt around the Kitchen and Spice Garden, taking the path that leads beneath the Hotel. As the path dips beneath trees, the land to your right falls away into overgrown plantation, whilst on the right the estate land continues, planted with coffee.

Soon you will arrive at a monsoon Ella or little rocky valley cleft on your left. Avoid taking the road to your left as this will return you to the Hotel. Instead, press on, moving into jungle, the path descending slowly down hills and across a cinnamon plantation before it reaches a small village road – home to some of the Hotel staff.

Follow this little road, which eventually reaches a river on your left and rice paddy fields on your right, before turning right on a small asphalt road whose various turns will eventually take you back to the outskirts of Galagedera village. Take a right at the junction with the main road and you will soon discover the Hotel driveway on your right.

To set yourself on the right path please contact the Hotel Office.
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