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Fairtrade Fab

Fairtrade Fab
Proof positive that it is possible to be both gorgeous and good

Seylan in nearby Kurunegala is the country’s only Fairtrade handloom maker.

Here are to be found clothes, toys, clothes, cloth and homeware– and all of them made in the nearby factory or in the homes of Sri Lankans in the area – an impressive feat of social enterprise.

Each piece is crafted from locally sourced materials, including cotton and silk, the colours and designs fresh and striking.

The handloomer begun in 1991 when Sandra Wanduragala set out to create a sustainable income source for local female artisans by reviving the dying art of handloom weaving. With just 15 women in her home garage, Selyn was born.

Sandra envisioned creating sustainable livelihoods for local women by reviving the handloom weaving tradition in Sri Lanka. She started by providing training, employment opportunities, and consistent work for women in her hometown of Kurunegala.

By 2004, Selyn became the first fair trade-guaranteed handloom company in Sri Lanka, the certification ensuring that all its products are made with ethical and sustainable practices, and its artisans paid fairly, provided with consistent work, and work in safe conditions.  Its network now extends to over 1,000 female artisans in rural Sri Lanka.

To arrange a visit please contact the Hotel Office.
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