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Schnauzer Therapy

Schnauzer Therapy
Puppy Love

The hotel is home to 5 pedigree miniature schnauzers: Archibald & Bianca; their son Bertie (also know as Yupi, Cuthert or Bertrum); their daughter Coco; and Nestor, Coco's indefatigably playsome daughter.  

Of the five directors, Bianca is, of course, the one in charge.  Archibald acts as Minster of Defence, especially where monkeys are involved.  Coco is the chief love guru; and Bertie the philosopher.  Nestor is in charge of singing.

Like all schnauzers, they are bright, disobedient, loving little drama queens, fond of hugs, and an unbeatable source for instant love therapy.  They never bite – but they can lick for England, and for several other lands too.

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