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The Misty Mountains

North of Kandy and close to Matale lie the Knuckles Mountain Range – or Dumbara Kanduvetiya (“Mist-laden Mountain Range”), whose folds and peaks resemble the knuckles of a clenched fist.

It is a Nirvana for trekkers, its two hundred and thirty four-square-kilometre extent ranges from dense forest to grasslands and mountain peaks, lakes, streams, and waterfalls

Rising in places to four thousand feet, and covered in cloud, they host over thirty four percent of the country’s endemic trees, shrubs, and herbs, for which reason they have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here you will find at least 1,033 species of flower and plants and around 255 tree species. Its many animals include Sambur, barking and mouse deer, wild boar, giant squirrel; the tiny secretive loris; the endemic toque and the purple-faced leaf monkeys – and at least 17 of Sri Lankan 23 endemic birds.

To arrange a day’s outing, please contact the Hotel Office.
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