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The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel

Drinks Menu
Classic drinks, often with a delicious Sri Lankan twist

Pure Juices

LKR 1,399

Fresh Green Herb Lime Elixir

Lime Juice


Fresh Coolers

LKR 1,799

Watermelon Mint Cooler

Mango Milk 

Turmeric Pick-Me-Up

Angelo’s Mint Coconut Ale



LKR 999

Coca Cola 


Ginger Beer




Coffee & Chocolate

LKR 1,599




Latte OR Hot Chocolate


Sri Lanka’s 7 Black Teas

LKR 1,299 each or LKR  5,999 for a full flight of 7 teas for 1-2 persons

Nuwara Eilya (6,000 ft +) delicate. 

Uva (4-6,000 ft) aromatic. 

Uda Pussellawa (5-6,000 ft) tangy. 

Dimbulla (3-5,000 ft) the classic English Breakfast tea. 

Kandy (2-4,000 ft) good strength & body. 

Sabaragamuwa (0-2,500 ft) aromatic caramel hints. 

Ruhuna (0-2,000 ft) strong.   



Amba Golden Tips

A Pot Of Tea LKR 4,999 for 1-2 persons. 

Amba Estate’s White Tea: the purest of floral, honey flavours.



White “Champagne” Tea Stars

LKR 3,999 Per Person.

Beloved of Claridge’s: A martini glass of Amba’s rare

White Tea buds to see the star unfurl.



Hand-Rolled Tippy Orange Pekoe with Tea Flowers

A Pot Of Tea LKR 3,099 for 1-2 persons.


Amba’s exclusive blend of rare tea flowers & Golden Orange Pekoe:

smooth, with honey & almond notes.



Slow-Withered Pan-Roast Green

A Pot Of Tea LKR 2,999 for 1-2 persons.


Uniquely part Green/part Oolong, Amba Estate’s green tea:

buttery caramel & citrus notes with peachy accents.



Sri Lankan Spiced Chai

LKR 1,599 per Person.


Served Hot Or Iced. Amba’s Orange Pekoe with organic cinnamon,

cloves, coriander, fennel, ginger, chilli, and pepper. 

Fresh Picked Herbals  

LKR 999  





LKR 2,999 


Black Ginger

Ginger Coriander







Please advise us of any food allergies as some items may contain traces of ingredients

such as diary, nuts etc to which some people may be allergic.

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