Yoga with Noyel

Revive & Restore

Bespoke 1-on-1 to 1-on-3 yoga sessions can be set up for you to enjoy on any part of The Flame Tree Estate & Hotel.  Noyel, our yoga master with over 30 years experience gained practicing many forms of yoga in Sri Lanka and India, will help you relocate your inner Zen.

Costs for a 1 hour session: 1-on-1 $30. 

1-on-2 $40.  1-on-3 $50.

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Yoga with Sapni

For Body & Mind

Sapni has studied and practiced yoga in both its classical forms and as a therapy, understanding how it can help as much with the body as the mind, not least in such areas as insomnia, anxiety, and creativity. 

Costs for a 1 hour session: 1-on-1 $30.  

1-on-2 $40.  1-on-3 $50.


Stress Busting

Gently pummel away all tension with a long massage under scented frangapani trees, overlooking mountains, in your bedroom or even in the jungle.  Both male and female masseuse are available. 


Costs: $40 for a 1 hour session.




Take out some time to optimize your body's

performance and tackle old pains and problems with

our on-call physiotherapist.


Cost for a 90 minutes session: $40

Manicure or Pedicure



Revive your toes, fingers and nails with a 45 minute

manicure or pedicure treatment with Chaminda,

our on-call beautician.


Costs for a 45 minute session: $35.

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Healing Hands

Reiki Master, Sapni Chathurya can help you discover Reiki, the alternative therapy that aids relaxation and channels universal energy known as ki - the same energy involved in tai chi exercise.  Its' energy healing helps to remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure.  

Costs for a 45 minute session: $45